What exactly is the Facebookused for

Despite being conceived to connect people and create a community around it, the popularity of Facebook has crossed the borders of the personal. The great reach that it has as a social network has meant that companies also put their focus on it.In fact, nowadays, it is rare that a company does not have its own corporate Facebook page, where they share quality content with their community of followers and potential customers.Facebook is geared to connect some people with others. By opening an account in this social network, people can easily connect with their friends, family, and acquaintances. Click this link for convertpanda.com – download fb video.

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Why is Facebook usually used on a personal level?

The most common uses at a personal level are the following:

– It is used to write moods or things that are thought at that moment.

– You can upload photos or albums, to share with friends and contacts.

– Hang news that is interesting.

-Upload videos that you want other users to see.

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Other functionalities of Facebook

Like this, a lot of other things that, as the platform itself modifies its algorithm, it adds different functionalities. The main objective is to be in contact with the people who are appreciated, without having to call or see each other frequently.

This social network is perfect, therefore, to be in contact with close friends and family, which due to the current pace of life, we find it very difficult to maintain relationships on a personal level.

It is a social network for recreational use, although you can also use it for promotional or professional purposes. For any of the two uses, it is recommended to have certain precautions in their use, although especially when it comes to personal profiles.

How to solve the security problems of Facebook?

The platform has a certain degree of security since no invented names or certain types of publications are allowed. Likewise, it is possible to denounce or block users that compromise security or integrity.

Some tips for using this network without suffering external mishaps are the following:

► Update privacy options

► Take care of who is the administrator of the company’s pages

► Moderate publications on the wall

► Authorization to tag in photos

► Review of logins

► Block unwanted users