Vote The Right Person And Let Them Win

Every one of us know about emotions and it common that all of us have happy and sad moments, and most of us know how handle both of these situations. But there are times in which we think of their situation and fell as if we are into that moment. Such moment is while we watch TV shows, and movies. You might have seen people cry when there is a sad moment in the TV or theater screen, and it is because either they think themselves in that situation and remind a moment happened in their life, which is similar to the one in the screen. The organizers of these shows and cinemas use this as an opportunity to showcase their own imaginations, true stories in life with few imaginations in the form of serials and movies. Apart from these programs, people nowadays enjoy reality shows like singing competitions and dancing competitions. The TV channel popular for these shows Vijay TV, which is been in top among its competitors. The anchors they have are fine enough to grab audience support and the wonderful thing is they maintain the audiences with their channel and avoid them in deviating to other channels. The show hosting people are also popular as they even get opportunities to act in big screen i.e. movies. All the singing, dancing, comedy shows are popular and each and every thing is different from one another.

Fun plays a major part in everyone life and it comes through various sources. The famous source is television which showcases almost all situations in and around the city and the globe. The most popular show now trending in Tamil television industry is big boss. Big boss is a reality TV show being hosted by Kamal haasan, who is a popular actor, director and producer who is been into acting from his child hood. The main aim of this reality show is to reward the one with good and best character and to identify the one who is worse. Both of this decision is given in the hands of public through voting system. The people now are not only audience whereas they are judges for this show. Through this reality show the organizers help the public to choose the right character and hence it will be useful to pick the right leader for the state as well as for the nation. The reason for the above mentioned line is instead of just voting for the leader who is into their favorite political party; people now would recognize the one who will do good things to public and nation.

Voting And Rules And Regulations

Now the people look for bigg boss tamil vote, and the options for voting is been either through online or via missed call service. 2018 is the second year for big boss Tamil and hence it is named as second season, whereas as the first season there are 16 participants watched with 60 cameras around them. The famous saying in this show they cannot run anywhere or away and hide themselves from any of the camera, so that each and every action are noted and recorded. Some of the rules are all the household activities should be done by any of the 16 participants and there will be no separate person appointed for any of the tasks, and hence you may know now that there is no contact with the outside people. The participants are not connected with any of the outside activities while they are not allowed to communicate with anyone except the participants in the house.

This show also makes the participants know themselves and give them the opportunity to correct the wrong things in them. Big boss will conduct some competitions to test the ability of them, whereas these competitions will create confusions and quarrel between the housemates. This makes the show more interesting as people look into the show for various reasons like how are they going to oppose their friends, and how are they going to solve the quarrel. This reality program has make people know about the importance of a joined family and how happy it will be if they are united. And for season 2 there is an additional entertainment for people whom is been specially showcased in the mobile application hot star in the name of morning masala, midnight masala, unseen on TV and fun unlimited which describes the happenings inside the big boss house in humorous manner.

The designers had well designed the house such that the participants are comfortable all the time, and this house is located in the outskirt of Chennai city in EVP film city at Chembarambakkam. There islittle difference in construction between the two seasons like jail room, and now start voting your favorite film star.