Mobile Broadband: Important Facts You Should Know

Mobile Broadband is the easiest way to get online. You can do anything you want like sending email, surfing the web and even streaming video and music, no matter what where are you.

The internet service availability in Norway began in 1970’s  which made the country as the first non-English speaking country on the net. In 1971, NORSAR (Norwegian Seismic Array) at Kjeller just outside Oslo, was connected by satellite to the SDAC (Seismic Data Analysis Center) in Virginia, US as part of ARPANET in order to monitor nuclear test-ban treaties with the Soviet Union.

More About Mobile Broadband.

            Are you always on the go? You find no time to sit down, boot your laptop and use the internet? Mobile broadband is a service you can connect to on the go. It gives you access to the internet on a laptop where there is a mobile signal. It is available through mobile networks, either 3G or 4G, which means you can connect to any 3G or 4G coverage in Norway and abroad, and access the internet by just one click of a button.

How to Use a Mobile Broadband?

            By far, this is the easiest way to connect to the internet. Mobile broadband is available using a dongle, USB modem or MiFi.  All you have to do is to  connect one of these Mobile Broadband Modems to your computer or connect wirelessly to a MiFi then you can access the internet immediately. Easy!

            Even though mobile broadband is designed for laptops, those who have Personal Computers can also use the service. So if you want to sign up for home broadband but do not have a landline phone, mobile broadband is the perfect choice for you.

How Does It Work?

            The new mobile broadband chip is easier to set up nowadays. Just simply insert the USB modem into one of the USB ports on your laptop or Personal Computer (any working USB port will do). The software will be installed instantly once you go online. The mobile broadband connection you all need is on the USB stick which is powered by your computer. No extra cables needed!

Who Needs Mobile Broadband?

            Are you travelling? Are you a person on-the-go all the time? Mobile broadband can make a big difference for you.

Enterprises. Dont get used to that small phone. Instead, use mobile broadband with your laptop. Prepare presentations on the train or access your VPN while on business.

Students. Homework? Essays? Projects? Use the internet wherever you are. Get everything done without holing yourself up in the four corners of the your room.

Travellers. If you spend a lot of time on the go, mobile broadband is a the one for you. With mobile broadband you can take your laptop anywhere in Norway or abroad that lets you access high-speed internet.

Mobile broadband is for anyone who wants easy broadband access anytime, anywhere! No doubt about that. For additional information about the mobile broadband, just visit