Honda X Blade: Stylish Motorcycle with a Lot of Merits

Honda X Blade is a really good-looking motorcycle with all its endowments intact. This Honda motorcycle is considered to be a remarkable piece of engineering, a perfect combination of steady CB Unicorn 160 and the fashionable CB Hornet 16R. Since the built of Honda X Blade is a macho one, it is a foremost option for sporty Indians these days. Further, there are plenty of merits associated with this ground-breaking motorcycle which will be enlisted in the article later. If you are planning on buying X-Blade then go through to grasp all that you can!

A bunch of advantages! 

Buying a vehicle is a job of great responsibility. In order to end up with the most suitable motorcycle for yourself, dig out ample information regarding the same. That is why we have brought the series of merits or the pros attached to buying the X-Blade. These include:

  • Extraordinarily designed: The bike is renowned for its aesthetic appeal along with highly productive design. Everything in this motorcycle ranging from the LED lamps to the design of its seats, is efficacious. Interestingly, the bike is based on the outstanding 162.71cc engine and its overall appearance stands out of the crowd. It boasts the robo-face LED headlamps and a LED tail light that lies in close resemblance with its sleek section. The grab rails add to the groove and sharpness of the motorcycle. Further, X-Blade is equipped with a windscreen, rear tire hugger,and engine belly pan which come together to escalate the looks of the motorcycle.
  • Power-packed with endless features:Honda built the X-Blade with utmost practicality in mind. Even though it consists of a large number of features and seems quite dense, it is highly compact. The bike features fully-digital instruments which have been designed with the readability quotient into consideration. The rider can control the gear position indicator as well as other lights with this panel. Its hazard light switch comes in handy during long late-night drives. The seat is long enough to accommodate the rider and the pillion. Another formidable feature is the dual-port exhaust muffler which ensures the exhaust note is a rigorous one. This is what makes the X-Blade truly dynamic.
  • A comfortable ride and easy handling: During the initial rides, the motorcycle feels a bit rigid but keeps on improving with time. The overall experience of a ride on X-Blade is going to be full of control and comfort throughout. As far as the handling is concerned, the handlebar of this bike is quite narrow which provides convenience on traffic-loaded roads.

This bike is full of spirits on-road which are quite evident in its speed, easy-going structure,and reliable movement.

  • Refined engine: The base engine of X-blade performs so as to provide optimal output and subsequent force. The engine belongs to 162.71cc class brand and a 5-speed gearbox. 

With all said and done, X-Blade emerges as the most sought-after motorcycle for the youth and is a pleasant riding companion as a whole. It is a stylish bike with unbeatable plus points.